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Solution type: Incubation
Industry: Consumer electronics
Client: US camera brand

To complement traditional distribution channels through camera stores in mainland China the client wanted to establish a business selling directly to consumers online to capture larger market share and margins, especially targeting a younger customer segment.

SX Group collaboration
Staying true to our entrepreneurial origins SX Group established an internal “start-up team” consisting of selected SX Group staff to launch the business. Over a 6 months period, a fledgling mobile store was developed on China’s Wechat platform, with sales driven through social media, content marketing, and micro-influencer engagement. After processes and an operational structure was established the new operation was transferred to the client and integrated into their organization.

About SX Group
SX Group is one of China’s most progressive market access companies and aims to be a partner with in-house capabilities offering holistic solutions for clients with operations needs inside China. The foremost focus is to handle and solve the operational and practical details of our partners and clients, to create tailored setups that work.

Daniel Polvi, Partner, SX Group, e: