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Solution type: Market Partnership
Industry: Retail technology
Client: World #4 market leader

To better service its key client, an international fashion retailer, and due to the foreseen potential in China for its solutions, the company was in need of a reliable local partner to set up and manage its operations in the country.

Market Partnership with SX Group
Seeing significant growth potential in upstream supplier segments for consumer-driven industry sectors in China, SX Group formalized a long-term market partnership with the company to develop its business in China. A senior director from SX Group was appointed to act as Country Manager.

We tailored a market setup that included:

  • Country Management by senior SX Group director
  • Support function for importation, logistics and storage
  • Installation and service structure management
  • Sales and marketing operations
About SX Group
SX Group is one of China’s most progressive market access companies and aims to be a partner with in-house capabilities offering holistic solutions for clients with operations needs inside China. The foremost focus is to handle and solve the operational and practical details of our partners and clients, to create tailored setups that work.

Daniel Polvi, Partner, SX Group, e: