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Solution type: Market Partnership
Industry: Higher education
Client: Nordic university and export promotion academy

Leading Scandinavian educational institution with a strong student base in China and local education cooperations with peer institutions. Needed a multifaceted and flexible representation on the market to cover various local operational and promotional needs.

Market Partnership with SX Group
SX Group set up and staffed a national representation office in Shanghai and a field office in Jinhua, Zhejiang province. The scope of responsibly and activities managed by the representation offices included:

  • Coordination with key partners
  • Management and logistics for education programs
  • Local support to students and university representatives
  • Representation at events and conferences
  • Strategic support in Academy Steering Committee to represent China
About SX Group
SX Group is one of China’s most progressive market access companies and aims to be a partner with in-house capabilities offering holistic solutions for clients with operations needs inside China. The foremost focus is to handle and solve the operational and practical details of our partners and clients, to create tailored setups that work.

Daniel Polvi, Partner, SX Group, e: