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Solution type: Targeted Solutions
Industry: Fast-fashion retail
Client: Chinese leading fashion retail chain

The client wanted to launch a new retail concept to meet tougher domestic competition and shifting customer demand, wanting to capture new growing segments of fashion and lifestyle-oriented consumers. The client approached SX Group to help develop the concept and build a business case.

Targeted solution by SX Group
SX group set up a cross-functional project team from its market research, strategy and marketing units to work in close coordination with the client’s in-house teams. Through field research, consumer insights sessions and simulations the team developed a new store concept, roll-out strategy and business case to the client. The concept is currently being rolled out nationwide by the client to much success.

About SX Group
SX Group is one of China’s most progressive market access companies and aims to be a partner with in-house capabilities offering holistic solutions for clients with operations needs inside China. The foremost focus is to handle and solve the operational and practical details of our partners and clients, to create tailored setups that work.

Daniel Polvi, Partner, SX Group, e: